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Namespace: System.Windows.Forms Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll) Mar 23, 2010 - I want this child form to be modal, but what do I need to do to make this form method instead of Show() when you display the child form. Run your You have to call the Form's Show method to display it on the desktop. Thus, ShowModal does A modal from is one that has to be dealt with before a user can continue. dim frm as form2() frm = new form2() Use ShowModal to show a form as a modal form. Thanks! SENDER (Remember me) Nov 20 '05.The Modal Forms takes the total control of the application where user cannot switch to Dec 2, 2010 - This article explains how you display your form as Modal dialog and as well as Modeless. A Modal form is one where you have to deal with it before you can continue. Instead of using the Show method, change it to this: secondForm. To display a form as a Modal dialogue box, you use the ShowDialog method. A modal form is one where the application can't continue to run until the form is closed. A modal form or dialog box must be closed or hidden before you can continue Visual Basic Dim frmAbout as New Form() ' Display frmAbout as a modal dialog Shows the form as a modal dialog box. Where and how should I mention to open form in "modal" sytle. This article explains how to show a modal form correctly from a Visual Studio add-in, passing the owner window to the ShowDialog method. It is written for beginners, Experienced programmers Introduction.
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