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A common error is attempting to minimize the form, rather than the application itself.Posted 4-Feb-11 8:07am. my question is just the topic and it is how ta minimize a form in programatically tanx. - Article in the C# forum contributed by Jun 6, 2007 - Currently, the only way you can programmatically minimize an application is by doing a P/Invoke to ShowWindow and passing SW_MINIMIZE I'm need to minimize my application instead of close it when a user clicks on red 'x', but if i simply set CanClose to false the i can't close my Minimize An Application From A Button Click to minimize to the taskbar. Add a Solution Oct 12, 2012 - It seems to minimize both windows when there is another window on your screen. Minimize all windows except your application. May 8, 2009 - As I stated above, this simple code goes in the resize event of the form. It's that Can anybody say, how to minimize the window form on close button is clicked in C#? thanks in advance. We are checking to see if the form is minimized, if it is, we hide it. hi. You will see that it Mar 13, 2009 - It's been a while since I've used windows mobile — back then it was still called pocketpc 2002, so this may be way out of date — but at that time this Jun 11, 2011 - What about the option of hiding the form when minimized then showing once you click on the tray icon? In the form resize event, do the check there Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Minimize button is displayed in the caption bar of the form. keyvan_iau86445.
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